Welcome at Jong Management

Jong Management (JM), founded in 1916, is an Association of about 1000 active members. All members are entrepreneurs or managers working in market-oriented enterprises and organisations. Members of Jong Management hold an executive or a management position whereby he or she is responsible for other employees and company processes. Jong Management is divided into local, provincial and/or regional circles. Each circle has an average of 40 members, and all branches of industry and occupational groups are equally represented.

The objective of Jong Management is to provide for a climate of solidarity among its members, to promote mutually beneficial communication and to offer members the opportunity and encouragement to acquire in-depth knowledge of social and economic issues. The position of the business community on a social and economic level plays an important role in JM activities, partially to further support the functions and meetings held by members in the community and partially to gain insight in the opinions and ideas of other members.

Jong Management aims to reach its objectives by means of:

  • - An active membership of VNO-NCW, the Confederation of Industry and Employers in the Netherlands;
  • - An active membership of the NCW, Management Centre for Societal Responsibility (NCW);
  • - The study of and reporting on social issues;
  • - The study of and reporting on economic issues;
  • - The organisation of lectures on topical issues and the constant provision of information;
  • - Finding and maintaining contacts with relevant social organisations, on both national and international level;
  • - Organisation of national and regional seminars.

Providing a structure that enables members to gain in-depth knowledge of how the business community operates, apart from the usual exchange of information channels, excursions to individual companies are often on the JM agenda.

JM is governed by the Board, comprising of the following members:

  • - The members of the General Council;
  • - The Chairmen of the Regional Circles and/or a member of the Regional Circle Board appointed by the Regional Circle Chairman as his or her deputy.


The General Council comprises of the President, vice-President, Treasurer and one member or as many members of the General Assembly as the General Assembly see fit to appoint.

Furthermore, JM has a Secretary General appointed and discharged by the Board. This function is an executive one.


For more information please contact:

Jorgen Bogaard
Secretary General

PO Box 93002
2509 AA The Hague, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)70 349 04 74

Email: bogaard@jongmanagement.nl